Skydive Belize
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Skydive Belize

The Blue Hole skydiving experience!

The very first Blue Hole skydive was organized by Rich Grimm in 2005. He was discussing the Blue Hole with Fred, one of his California jumping pals before the trip. They both decided that not only would the jump be a once in a lifetime skydive, but the video and photos would be spectacular! Rich, Fred, Fred's wife Janet, Steve from England, Derek, Andy, Doak and Randy were all filmed on that epic first jump by world renowned skydiver Andy Farrington! What an adventure!

Rich has made numerous skydives over and into the Blue Hole. He is now offering the general public the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of making a tandem skydive miles out into the deep blue of the warm Caribbean sea. Rich owns Tsunami Skydivers in Oceanside, California, and employs a team of professional skydivers that will make your jump the most safe, thrilling and unforgettable experience of a lifetime! Participants will make a tandem skydive, with great video and photos of this once in a lifetime adventure!

Participants must be at least 18 years of age and under 230 lbs.